Decorative Hardware- An Affordable Way to Update Your Home

Are you tired of your home’s same old look? Home renovation projects can run up to the thousands of dollars, so it can be out of the reality for most people. On the other hand, decorative hardware can become a relatively affordable way to give your home a new look. Whether you are looking at […]

The World of Door Locks is Yours for the Taking!

Almost every door’s got them. Without locks, homes all across the world would be incredibly unsafe. Thanks to door locks, we are all able to feel safe and secure while inside of our homes. Locks also allow us to feel confident in knowing that our homes are safe from unwanted intruders when we’re out and […]

How Bathroom Hardware Helps Bring Your Bathroom to the Next Level

The bathroom is often seen as a safe place where one can relax and unwind after a long day. In order to make this space as comfortable as possible, homeowners can make use of bathroom hardware. This type of hardware may seem small and insignificant but they play a major role in making the bathroom […]

How to Update Your Kitchen Hardware in 2017 Without Remodeling

Many of us live in homes that were built at least 10 or 20 years ago. While we might enjoy the home’s size or layout, often kitchens and bathrooms tend to feel a bit outdated after a number of years. One of the easiest and least committed ways to update a kitchen or bathroom is […]

New Bathroom Hardware and Other Bathroom Decor Ideas

The bathroom can be one of the dirtiest, smelliest rooms in your home. On the flip side, it can also be one of the nicest, well-decorated rooms, especially if you have a great eye for design. At Hardware Specialties in El Paso, we sell bathroom hardware that can make your bathroom shine. We have products […]

New Cabinet Hardware In Your Kitchen Can Make It Look Brand New!

If your home is outdated and you’ve made the decision to remodel and update, choosing new hardware will be at the top of your list. New hardware can easily make a home look different and more modern. Hardware can range from cabinet handles, to sink faucets, to light fixtures and more. If you are revamping […]

How to Choose Door Hardware

Door hardware serves two main functions. First and foremost, it is your first line of defense and security against what lies on the other side. The second is it is an extension of your home’s personality. By selecting the right door handles and locks you can give your home a new look. In fact, a […]

Door Locks — The First Line of Defense

There is no better or more stressful time than when you sign the papers, close, and become the proud new owner of a house. While it is exciting to have new digs, there is also a ton that needs to be done in order to turn it into a home. One of the things that […]

Expert Tips for Choosing Decorative Hardware for Your Kitchen

When you walk into a kitchen, what is the first thing you notice? Is it the cabinets? The rooftops? The flooring? While these larger items might grab out attention at first, design experts suggest that it is the smaller details that really set the tone of a room – especially cabinet hardware! Decorative hardware may be […]

Unique Contractors Hardware Can Make Your Home Build Look Amazing

When potential home buyers look at homes, they are seeking specific types of things including updated and modern fixtures and hardware. If prospective home buyers come to a new home and see outdated fixtures and hardware in the home, it is likely that they will not be interested. With a new home, should come high-quality […]